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Wine Week Atlanta

This week (through Sunday, September 21), Concentrics Restaurants, which owns One Midtown Kitchen, Two Urban Licks, Trois, Tap, among others is having Wine week at all their respective eateries. This is a great opportunity to try some different wines and many of the restaurants are known for their great selection of wines.

Here’s the breakdown of pricing:
At Lunch try 6 wines for $10
At Dinner try 8 wines for $18 or 14 wines for $20
14 wines? I don’t think I’d be tasting much of anything after the first 3 or 4!!

Your better option is to have a meal along with your wine tastings. A 3 course lunch is available for 25 bucks AND it includes 6 wines. This is only available at Trois, Murphy’s Lobby at Twelve and Room at Twelve.

Four course meals with 8 wines are availabe at the above listed restaurants as well as One Midtown Kitchen, Two Urban Licks and Parish. And you can feel good about eating at these restaurants as a portion will get donated to the Atlanta Food Bank.

The lunch deal is by far the better deal. You get 1 less course (can you say small salad?) and 2 less wines for about half the price. Look at Room at Twelve: the only difference in their menu offering for this event is an Arugula salad.

Click the link below for menus:
Wine Week

Living It Up on a Budget: 23 Wines That Deliver Outstanding Quality for $10 or Less


Mosaic Restaurant in Buckhead

Mosaic Restaurant, situated just off the main drag of Buckhead, is one of those charming old homes that has been converted to a restaurant. Mosaic makes great use of the space inside and although it was pretty, we opted for their patio seating.

Mosaic definitely has a later crowd. We had reservations for 7:30 and on a pleasant June evening we were the only ones seated outside. By the time we were leaving there wasn’t one open table outside.

The service was exceptional at Mosaic and very attentive but not overly intrusive. The food, on the other hand, was average. Maybe if it was priced a little lower I would have enjoyed it more. But at nearly $30 an entree, the bar was set a little higher.

We started off with the Mosaic salad. I am always a sucker for artichokes and hearts of palm. The salad was a generous portion (of lettuce) and big enough for me to split with my other 2 dining companions. However, I spent more time looking for the almost non-existent artichokes and hearts of palm then I did enjoying my salad.

Next were the entrees: Lobster Ravioli, Coriander Crusted Ahi Tuna, and Pork loin with sausage and chick peas. The tuna and pork loin were ok, but there wasn’t anything spectacular about either one and the tuna definitely was not worth of the $27 price tag. I didn’t try the 28 dollar lobster ravioli but I’m guessing it was on par with the tuna and pork loin.

One great thing about Mosaic (besides the service and atmosphere): There is plenty of free parking available.

3097 Maple Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 846-5722

Lime Taqueria

Don’t read this review…..

……….if you are expecting a review of a typical Mexican restaurant

……….if you are looking for an inexpensive meal

……….if you are looking for a casual eatery or a family style restaurant

Lime is none of these things. What it is is an upscale restaurant that has spared no expense when it comes to design and decor. It is evident in the colorful furnishings and the lime them throughout the entire restaurant. They have giant limes throughout the restaurant, limes are printed on the napkins in restrooms, even the dishes are lime-shaped.

What it is is a great place to go after work on nice day and sit outside and sip mojitos, cosmos or margaritas with friends. I went there on a recent Wednesday after work to meet a friend for drinks and dinner. They have drink specials of cosmopolitans for $6. As we are both Sex And The City fans we couldn’t pass this up. And I’m so happy I didn’t. They were outstanding! I had a buzz going on 3/4 of the way through my first drink. Any restaurant that isn’t stingy with the liquor gets big points in my book.

As far as the food, we both had to try the mini gordas which is like a huge dumpling if you can imagine it stuffed with shredded beef, potatoes, tomatillo sauce, and some amazing spices. Definitely the best thing we tried. As this was quite filling on its own, we each opted to try some tacos: mole, shrimp, chorizo, and chicken.

Had I known how small these would be I think I would have just gotten a salad or another mini gordas order. For the price $3-$5, I expected more. My shrimp taco had 1 shrimp in it and was $4.50. Not to mention the sauce just about set my mouth on fire. I would go back but probably just for drinks or if I had a gift certificate (click banner below).

Service was great. Very attentive but not overly annoying. Just the way I like it.