Wine Week Atlanta

This week (through Sunday, September 21), Concentrics Restaurants, which owns One Midtown Kitchen, Two Urban Licks, Trois, Tap, among others is having Wine week at all their respective eateries. This is a great opportunity to try some different wines and many of the restaurants are known for their great selection of wines.

Here’s the breakdown of pricing:
At Lunch try 6 wines for $10
At Dinner try 8 wines for $18 or 14 wines for $20
14 wines? I don’t think I’d be tasting much of anything after the first 3 or 4!!

Your better option is to have a meal along with your wine tastings. A 3 course lunch is available for 25 bucks AND it includes 6 wines. This is only available at Trois, Murphy’s Lobby at Twelve and Room at Twelve.

Four course meals with 8 wines are availabe at the above listed restaurants as well as One Midtown Kitchen, Two Urban Licks and Parish. And you can feel good about eating at these restaurants as a portion will get donated to the Atlanta Food Bank.

The lunch deal is by far the better deal. You get 1 less course (can you say small salad?) and 2 less wines for about half the price. Look at Room at Twelve: the only difference in their menu offering for this event is an Arugula salad.

Click the link below for menus:
Wine Week

Living It Up on a Budget: 23 Wines That Deliver Outstanding Quality for $10 or Less


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