Eclipse Di Luna – Dunwoody

Eclipse Di Luna is a great place to go with a group. It is not a great place to go with a group and not have separate checks. The food comes out really quickly, but if you aren’t careful they will overcharge you.

My friend had a birthday which was on a Thursday and asked me where she thought we should go. I’ve been getting emails from this place about this great salsa music and drink specials they have on Thursday nights. So, I suggested we check it out.

Thank god she made reservations. With a party of 14 people like we had we would have never gotten seated. The place was really packed. I guess that is why it is so hard to find parking, well that and the fact that they reserve about half the parking lot for valet.

They supposedly have drinks specials but I guess you have to remind them because when my boyfriend ordered me a Dos Equis, they charged him the regular price not the $3 special it was supposed to be. Long Island Teas are supposed to be $5 on thursday nights too. See the promotion page.

We ordered about four tapas – Ribs in Balslamic sauce, Hanger steak, Shrimp and Scallop cerviche, and 2 different types of empanadas (duck with cilantro cream sauce and black bean with bananas and caramel sauce). The ribs and Hanger Steak (both my choices) were just average. Glen chose the cerviche which had a great spiciness to it and I was pleased they didn’t skimp on the scallops and shrimp. The black bean emapanadas although they sound a little strange were actually quite good.

If there is a next time I will try the calamari. Not only did it look really good, but the portion is a good size versus some of the other menu options. That’s one recommendation I have for them. They should have a cart that shows their various menu portions or pictures on their menu as some are very small (ie duck empanada) and some are very large (calamari).

At this point, I decided to switch from beer to mojitos. Not usually what I would go for, but they are a specialty there. There were very tasty, which I guess they should be for $7.50 a pop. Be forewarned while they are good, you will go through them fast as your glass is mostly ice and mint leaves and very little liquid.

By this time everyone had finished eating, and about half of our group settled their tab and headed out. Fast forward half and hour when I ask for our check which comes to $230. Of course, they helped themselves to a 20 percent gratuity. The entire table’s tab was $300, so I found it really hard to believe that we owed as much as it said. We all kicked in more than our fair share, I still can’t help but wonder if the 20% gratuity we paid was in addition to what our other dining companions paid.

Pros: Really cool atmosphere, good music, great tasting drinks
Cons: Parking, Expensive Drinks

What are your thoughts? Should restaurants be allowed to add on a gratuity to your bill when you may feel they really don’t deserve it?


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