Casablanca Restaurant and Hookah Lounge

So, there was a huge wreck on Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw the other day when my coworker Brandon and I wanted to go for lunch. So, we decided we’d venture up to Wade Green and try this new Mediterranean restaurant. It is tucked away in a strip mall near I75. There’s also a Johnny’s Pizza and Cold Stone in the center.

I don’t know what the place was before it became this restaurant but obviously a lot of money went into decorating the place. Lots of curtains (more for decoration than privacy) and low seating with comfy cushions. Very colorful setting. This would be great if you have a group of people to go. And I bet they would draw a bigger crowd if they had belly dancing.

Appetizers to try? Stuffed grape leaves and Falafel. I always thought Falafel was like a wrap but apparently its some sort of meat and spices that are fried and resemble a small doughnut. It was exquisite. We each had the beef wraps (I had the ground beef and Brandon had the beef tips). It was good but a little salty. Next time I’ll try the gyro.

Prices are like $7 for the wrap which comes with a side of fries. So, it is definitely reasonably priced. Hookahs are like 15 bucks if I am remembering correctly. I can’t wait to try these next time. Didn’t have enough time as I was on my lunch hour.

Casablanca Restaurant & Hookah Lounge
3490 Cherokee Street #303
Kennesaw, GA 30144

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4 comments so far

  1. Sherri on

    They do have bellydancing – not at lunch I don’t suppose….and they also offer a buffet. I read online that they are offering the buffet every day in September

  2. Trixie on

    The bellydancing is Friday and Saturday nights from 10p till 2am. I did not try the Hookahs, but the food was excellent (and inexpensive) and the staff was friendly.

  3. Nikki on

    I know they have belly dancing on Saturday nights. Also, Falafel is actually ground chick peas, fava beans and spices fried in the patty/doughnut shape. It is usually served with tahini sauce. Their hummus and baba ghannouj are excellent as well. I recommend trying their desserts too.

  4. Sharon M on

    As Sherri said, they do have belly dancers. I am close friends with their new Friday night dancer. I have yet to eat there but will soon

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