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Miller’s Ale House Alpharetta

Pros: Convenient location, large space, lots of beers on draft
Cons: Average food, Mediocre Service

Went on a Monday night with some friends who go there religiously for the all you can eat crab legs. It’s a good deal for $20. I don’t like to work for my food, so I opted for the shrimp and crab quesadilla. It was either going to be that or the cajun burger. I wish I went for the burger. It was a lot of not so good food.

Besides burgers and wings (they are known for their boneless wings they call Zingers) they do have some pasta dishes, steaks, a good seafood offering (including fish tacos) and even pork osso bucco.

The crowd was decent for a Monday night. I can see this place being really crowded on the weekend. It’s just off the interstate very close to the mall.

Service was decent but our waitress could have been a bit more on the ball with checking back with us especially for drink orders. Speaking of beer, the best thing about this place is they have really good beers on draft. I’m talking Stella, Boddington’s, Sweetwater 420, Sierra Nevada, etc, etc.

10750 Davis Dr
Alpharetta, GA 30004
(678) 277-2581


Sweetwater 420 Festival

Spring is my favorite season in Atlanta.

It’s warm, but not too warm, the humidity is down, and there are a ton of festivals in Atlanta this time of year. There’s the Inman Park Festival, The Dogwood Festival, Virginia Highlands fest, Taste of Marietta, The Crawfish Boil in Smyrna…..and list goes on. Bottom line its a great time to be outdoors!

So, I decided to check out the Sweetwater 420 festival last weekend down at Candler Park. We scored free parking so we were definitely off to a good start. Although the event was free, you needed to purchase a $5 wrist band if you wanted to partake in the beer drinking. I opted to skip this as beer tends to go right through me and i’m not a fan of the port-a-poty (the only restroom option here).

But there was no way I would pass up sampling some of the great food offererings they had here. I had some scrumptious fish tacos from a catering company….Culinary something…really wish I could remember their name. No doubt I’ll be seeing them again at one of the many festivals this season. They had awesome food -chicken quesadillas, sausage and rice gumbo, crabcakes. But the fish tacos were great!

Although it was a smaller festival, probably only 1/4 of a mile stretch it was fun and definitely well attended. Oh and the bands were good too. Next year I’ll plan on getting there a bit earlier to scope out some good seats.

Grape Leaf Grill

Food is pretty tasty. I’ve had it a couple times. I had their signature dish – grape leaves stuffed with lamb. I’ll be more adventurous with what I try next time.

Service was ok, but I have to agree that you shouldn’t visit this place if you have plans within 2 hours of walking in.The decor leaves something to be desired. It gives you the impression that they started to redecorate and gave up a third of the way through. I guess the fact that’s its not ITP is why the prices are reasonable.

I’m pretty sure that they don’t have their liquor license. I could be wrong but I think the last time I went they didn’t have it. So to all you alcoholics – fair warning.

2755 Canton Rd
Marietta, GA 30066
(678) 797-9739

La Dolce Vita

Located, a bit off of the main drag of Barrett Parkway, this newly established Italian eatery is an excellent choice for those wanting and nice meal at reasonable prices in a decent atmosphere. Everything is sooooo great here. I’ve been there 3 times now and love it.

The service is fantastic. Food is delicious. And the prices are reasonable – almost couldn’t believe how reasonable. I went with the BF and we both had an entree (eggplant and beef which was exquisite) and it came with salad and rolls all for under $10.

Also, they had their house wine for like 3 or 4 bucks. And boy do they give a generous pour.

Just writing about this place is making my mouth water….

1635 Old Hwy 41
Kennesaw, GA 30144
(770) 422-2990

Martinis & Imax at Fernbank

If you’re looking for something to do on a first date, this is it.

Its a beautiful setting, with music playing in the background – very romantic. It makes a great group activity too.

There are a couple cons though. First of all – the parking situation. They let people go there just to hang out, so the people who actually have tickets to the movie are forced to drive around forever looking for a spot. Second – the Food. I’ve never actually eaten it, but from looking at it can tell its overpriced for what it is.

If you are going there, plan on eating afterwards. Have a strong drink and get a buzz going while you are watching the movie – it makes the experience that much more fun. After wards, go to one of the nearby restaurants on Ponce or head to the Highlands.

**Update for 2008**
What’s up with the 50% hike in ticket prices? I was ok paying $10 per ticket – but $15!!?? That’s a little excessive for a 40 minute film, especially given the fact that you must now wait in line 20 minutes prior to the film starting. And, at $9 per (sucky) cocktail, I think I’ll be investing in a flask.

767 Clifton Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 929-6300

Unique Indian Cuisine

Finally – a good Indian restaurant in Atlanta with Friendly service!!!!

I love Indian food, but don’t love driving 30 + miles to get to a restaurant. I admit I am OTP, but come on, we should have some decent Indian restaurants in Cobb.

Service: Not only is the food some of the best I’ve ever had, the staff (ALL OF THEM) are so helpful and friendly. We went there for my brother’s birthday and everyone was cheerful and so accommodating. Some of the other Indian restaurants in Atlanta could take their cues from this place on how to treat customers.

Food: The Chicken Tikki Masala was perfectly flavored and just the right amount of spiciness. And the breads: Naan, Poori, etc, etc, – I could make a meal out of those alone! I love that they get that not everyone loves Chernobyl level spiciness.

Would love to try the lunch buffet sometime. I bet its great.

2772 Cumberland Blvd SE
Smyrna, GA 30080
(678) 213-0208

Five Seasons Brewing

Review of the day on 8/27/07

Can’t decide if the food or the beer is better.

They have such an eclectic mix of food – anyone can find something great on the menu. I usually opt for their pizzas (think granny smith apples and and serrano ham), but the duck both ways is another great entree.

As for the beer, if you are a beer aficionado and appreciate a complex beer like Chimay, this is the place for you. It’s hard to go wrong with any of the choices.

Back all that up with great, friendly service and you’ve got a great place to take out-of-towners.

I especially like it when they have the singles mixers going on. They always put them on the patio, so you get entertainment with your dinner 😉

5600 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30342
(404) 255-5911

Cafe Intermezzo

Pros: Pages and pages of coffees to choose from, huge dessert  selection
Cons: Parking, Slow Service

I’ve been going to Intermezzo since I was in high school. And even now, it’s still one of my favorite spots. I know, I know, if it’s one of my favorite spots, how come I only gave it 3 stars, right? The parking is hard to come by and they charge to park there. Ok, I could overlook that if the service was as good as the desserts. But, if you go, be prepared to wait, and wait, and wait (to be seated and to be waited on).

They do serve regular entrees in addition to coffee and dessert, but its not really anything special. Desserts are the star here. They have a huge dessert display case. The way it works is you go up to view the display area and can ask the workers behind the counter questions about the desserts. Once you make your selection, they write it on a piece of paper and you go back to your seat and hand it to your server. I used to think this was all very charming when I was younger. Now it just seems like a pain in ass.

But the atmostphere is worth it. I especially like the outdoor section which is great on cool fall evenings.

1845 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 355-0411

Aqua Terra Bistro

This is some of the best food I’ve ever tasted! The executive chef, Brian Legault, puts together some of the most tasty, unique dishes I’ve ever had.

When I go to a restaurant, I look at 3 things: atmosphere, service and the quality of the food. All of these were superb at Aqua Terra Bistro. It’s a small place with some of the funkiest decor I’ve ever seen but it works. I made the mistake of filling up on the appetizers and getting soup. If you are going here, keep in mind the portions are pretty big, so don’t fill up on the appetizers, cause the entrees are the star here.

I had the scallops over over orecchiette pasta with fresh spinach and an exotic mushroom and truffle cream sauce. I think the description says enough!

My only complaint: It’s so far away! Oh yeah, they don’t take reservatitons either 😦 but you can call ahead.

55 E Main St
Buford, GA 30518
(770) 271-3000