Panahar Bangladeshi Cuisine


Mixed Race Couples Avoid!

First, let me start off by saying the food was really good (even though they screwed up my order). Beyond that, based on the way my boyfriend and I were treated, I would NEVER go back. It seems that Indians or any people from India, Bangladesh, etc seem to not like it when “their” people date outside their race. It was obvious to me (I’m Indian and my boyfriend is white) that this was a problem for the staff and owner at Panahar.

Upon entering, we were told to “have a seat” and wait although there were plenty of tables available. We promptly ordered, yet it was 20 minutes before we got our appetizer and over an hour before we got our dinner. The couple that came in after us (both white) got their dinner before us.

Not once did we get an apology for the long delay. We watched as the owner made his way around to every table to ask how their meal was, could he get them anything else, or could he make a recommendation. The only thing he said to us was “excuse me” when he cleared our plates.

I could easily have dismissed this as they were having an off night but when we observed how every other group around us were treated and the fact that those that came in before and after us were treated to friendly and prompt service, I cannot come to any other conclusion than we were DISCRIMINATED against. To top it all off, when we were leaving and passed the hostess she didn’t even acknowledge us (although we walked right past her) not even a nod! All other diners, upon leaving, at least got the obligatory “thank you”

We’ve been to many Indian restaurants around the Atlanta area and have experienced discrimination, however, the reviews for Panahar were so great and touted the friendly service, I wanted to believe that they would be different. So much so, I was willing to drive all the way from Kennesaw (30+ miles) to try them out. Alas, they are just like all the rest 😦

My advice to these Indian proprietors: Get over yourself or continue to lose customers!

3375 Buford Hwy NE Ste 1060
Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: (404) 633-6655


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