Papis Cuban

Cuban in Kennesaw

I give them 4 stars for their effort.

Although this place has been open for about a month (maybe longer??) they still seem to be in ‘training’ mode. The waitstaff, however friendly they are, are still learning the ropes it seems. Service can be kind of slow. I observed one couple after being seated for a while with no service just got up and leave.

I went there on a saturday late afternoon. It wasn’t crowded when I arrived but as I was leaving the place had really begun to fill up. The food was pretty good – I had a cuban sandwich with black beans and rice. It was ok – but I would skip the black beans and rice next time and just opt for the sandwich.

The best part of the meal was our coffee and dessert: flan and tres leches cake, not to mention the cafe con leche (coffee).

Prices are defintely reasonable. We had entrees, dessert and coffee for under $30. I will definitely give them a try again once they’ve had a chance to work out all the kinks 😉

Papi’s Cuban

745 Chastain RD

Kennesaw, GA 30156

(678) 797-0502


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